OCD Spaces has revolutionised my life!  Apartment living in central London means little storage spaces, but after a few hours with Sahar, she has helped me to maximise the space I've got so that everything fits, and fits beautifully together!  For the first time ever, I can actually find things quickly without forgetting what I actually own.  On top of that, she was able to use all the decorations I have and by simply changing things around a bit, getting my place to look much better; I love coming home even more so now!  I can't recommend her highly enough; not only is she fab at decluttering and organising, she's got such a flair and eye for good design.  Thank you Sahar!


Canary Wharf, London

Sahar has helped reorganise my home twice now and her tips and tricks have been invaluable.  Having just moved home, she worked her magic on my unruly wardrobe and disorganised office space and I can't recommend her services enough.  Her trick of using space saving hangers has transformed my wardrobe.


Ascot, Berkshire

Sahar has shown me how to utilise my space so well, I don't know how I managed before her!  I didn't think it was possible to organise my tiny kitchen in such a way so that I could have easy access to my spices, utensils and dinnerware, but, somehow she's made it work. I'm also rediscovering some of my favourite pieces and getting so much more out of my wardrobe, not to mention I love how cosy my living/dining room feels now.  I would definately recommend her services!


Hammersmith, London

My beauty salon was not attracting that many customers and I was losing profits on a monthly basis.  I was on the verge of selling the business till Sahar showed up; she listed every little detail of what had to be improved, from decoration schemes, rebranding, where to display products and how to store literally everything, even the brooms.  In just under 2 weeks, on an extremely tight budget and working after salon hours (I could not afford to lose any appointments), I watched in amazement as she transformed the salon.  It looked like it got a facelift.  So much so, that existing clients thought the owner had changed.  Most importantly, the footfall increased and, I am happy to say, so did the list of customers.  She is simply brilliant at what she does.  Thank you Sahar, I highly recommend your services and company to anyone and everyone.


Dubai, UAE

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