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creative collectives driven to transform the built environment 

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OCD SPACES is a boutique design studio and contracting company that transforms the built environment by designing and building aesthetically, environmentally, sustainably, contextually and culturally innovative residential, retail, commercial & hospitality projects.  


Empowering local talents, we strongly believe and follow a collaborative approach at every level of the design and construction stage, integrating Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Lighting and Urban Design at both a public and private level, focusing on enhancing the end-user experience to create truly unique live-work-play-shop-dine-health-educate destinations and lifestyles in the U.A.E. following international standards.


We view design as an all-encompassing discipline and focus at all levels of details, from the macro to the micro level.  With this ethos, we passionately manipulate spaces to create new built environments that evoke all the senses, affecting each individual’s perception and experience of that environment based on their personal emotional reaction and physical interaction with it.  


Beyond just built structures, we create harmonious interplays between sculpture, art, music, light, technology, landscape, interior, exterior spaces and the sacred and the profound.

client's only speak the truth!

Allaa - Co-Founder
Ailuromania Cafe
Dubai, UAE

OCD Spaces did a great job with our Cafe's renovation.  The space looks clear, more spacious and brighter.  They did a great job with making the space look much bigger with their innovative styling and choice of materials.  We love their usage of light colors as a theme for our cafe and the adjustments they made to the layout making it more efficient.  We love our new flooring and it has become so much easier to keep clean.  


Since the renovation, our customers feel much more relaxed and love the new place as much as we do!  


Thank you so much for the lift up you gave us, it really changed the place!

My beauty salon was not attracting that many customers and I was losing profits on a monthly basis.  I was on the verge of selling the business till they showed up; they listed every little detail of what had to be improved, from decorative pieces, interior design style, maintenance works, rebranding, product styling and placement to the flow of circulation.  In just under 2 weeks, working after salon hours (I couldn't afford to shut down the salon), I watched as they amazingly transformed my salon.  They basically gave it a facelift in no time!  Returning Client's started asking my staff if the salon ownership had changed!  Most importantly, the footfall increased and I am happy to say, so did new customers.  They are brilliant at what they do.  Thank you OCD Spaces, I highly recommend their services to everyone.

Hadieh - Tenant
Al Rimmal Residences
Dubai, UAE

Am amazed by their work, they do not think about the design only, they consider details, customer's opinion, comfort, budget and quality.  They transform non-used spaces or corners to a lively and beautiful area and share eye opening ideas.  Bottom of the line, they transform your house to a place you want to spend more time in and really enjoy it. 


I confidently recommend them.

Noora - Owner
Anamil Al Nawaiem Salon
Dubai, UAE

Doria - Tenant
Sidra 2 Villas
Dubai, UAE

We had the opportunity to work with OCD Spaces again last year when we moved to our new house in Sidra.  During that period, we were under pressure to handover our previous unit.  They were very structured and thorough in understanding what my husband and I like in terms of themes and were immediately able to put together a mood board to our liking.  They were able to turn around things in a very short time frame while arranging remotely with us.  OCD Spaces simply went above and beyond to help us move to our new house.  The end results was fascinating to us, to our kids and even to friends who are visiting!  We love the design.  We feel comfortable and happy spending time at home!  They made the house feel like a home!

Wendy - Owner
Canary Wharf Flat
London, UK

OCD Spaces have revolutionised my life!  Apartment living in central London means little storage spaces, but after a few hours with them, they have helped me to maximise the space I've got so that everything fits, and fits beautifully together.  For the first time ever, I can actually find things quickly without forgetting what I actually own.  On top of that, they were able to use all my decorations and by changing their placements, my home already looks much better.  I love coming home even more so now!  I can't recommend them enough; they are fab and have such a flair and eye for great design and execution.

Sahar A. - Homeowner
Claren Tower II
Dubai, UAE

My room and balcony was recently designed by OCD Spaces and I must say am in love with it.  My visitors at home have also enjoyed the space tremendously.  Would I do more of my space with OCD Spaces?  No doubt...can't wait.

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