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Kitchen countertop material selection for a residential kitchen

OCD Spaces is a boutique design studio delivering landscape, commercial, hospitality, residential, mixed-use and city master planned developments that are contextually, culturally and sustainably relevant.


Originally established in London in 2016, our HQ relocated to Dubai in July 2018 extending our international design presence and offering world-class design services to both the public and private sectors.  The ultimate focus in the practice is to enhance the end-user experience by creating and delivering unique live-work-play-shop-dine-health-educate destinations and lifestyles.


With over 18 years of expertise in the real estate and construction industry, we view design as an all-encompassing discipline, from the architectural, interior, landscape, industrial to the urban level.  With this ethos, our design studio passionately manipulates spaces to create new built environments that evoke all the senses, affecting each individual’s perception and experience of that environment based on their personal emotional reaction and physical interaction with it. 


Beyond just built structures, we create harmonious interplays between sculpture, art, music, light, technology, landscape, interior, exterior spaces and the sacred and the profound.  

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